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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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How many megabytes per picture can be uploaded?
The maximum upload for a single picture is 5MB.

Which picture formats are supported?
For uploading pictures, JPG and TIF formats are supported.

What resolution should the pictures have?
To guarantee a clear presentation in the 3D-Gallery, a picture should have a resolution of at least 1024 pixels (height and width).


How many megabytes per video can be uploaded?
The maximum upload for a single video/audio file is 20MB.

Which video formats are supported?
For uploading videos, MOV, OGV, FLV, AVI and MP4 formats are supported. For uploading audio files, MP3 and OGG formats are supported.


How do I get pictures and videos into my 3D-Gallery?
After you have uploaded your pictures and videos, you can create a new gallery in your account. Then you can assign your pictures and videos to this gallery by ticking the chosen content. When that is done, open the integrated 3D-editor and hang your pictures and video in the desired positions using the drag-and-drop function.

Can already hung pictures and videos be removed or re-positioned?
Using the 3D-Gallery-editor, you can delete or re-position already hung pictures and videos at any time.

Can you replace a 3D-Gallery-model after the pictures and videos have been positioned?
You can opt for a different 3D-Gallery-model at any time. Any already positioned pictures and videos will have to be re-positioned if you change to a different 3D-Gallery-model.

How many 3D-Gallery-models are there to choose from?
Irrespective of the package you order, you have three 3D-Gallery-models to choose from. In a basic package, one of these models can be used.

Can 3D-Gallery-models be visually adapted?
Visual changes can be made to all three 3D-Gallery-models using the 3D-Gallery editor. You can customize the colour and texture of floors, ceilings and walls. To do this, more than ten colours and textures are available.

Can individual 3D-Gallery-models be commissioned?
3D STELLWERK offers this service at a charge. Prices depend on the model's complexity and size. Send your individual enquiry to post(at)3dstellwerk.com.

Can my 3D-Gallery be integrated into my website?
You will find the code for integrating your 3D-Gallery into your website under “Gallery” in the edit mode of your account.

In what size is the 3d-Gallery displayed?
You decide the size of your 3D-Gallery display yourself. The ideal aspect ratio is either 16:9 or 16:10.

Will my 3D-Gallery be displayed on the 3D STELLWERK website?
You decide if your 3D-Gallery will be displayed on 3D STELLWERK's website. Under the menu heading “public”, you can select between “private” or “public”. If you have marked your gallery as “private”, it will not be published on 3D STELLWERK's website. If it is not marked “private”, your gallery will be listed on 3D-STELLWERK's website in the menu under “References”, and can be accessed by all visitors.

How many 3D-Galleries may I administer?
The number of 3D-Galleries that you may administer, depends on what Package you ordered.

Can I assign picture frames and passepartouts?
In the 3D-Gallery-editor you have a choice of picture frames and passepartouts that can be assigned to every picture and every video. Also, we give you the possibility to adjust the size of individual passepartouts, and to present your pictures without frames or passepartouts.

Can logos and text also be integrated into a 3D-Gallery?
Yes. Save your logo or text in a JPG format and upload them. With the 3D-Gallery-editor you can then place them in your 3D-Gallery. Just use the drag and drop system in the same way as described for positioning pictures and videos

There will be pictures for sale. Can these be externally linked?
As you assign each picture to a 3D-Gallery, you have the possibility to simultaneously assign an external URL to each picture. The link is established within the 3D-Gallery and a click opens the link in a new window.

Is it possible to offer tours?
Yes. During a tour, the visitor will be directed through your gallery from picture to picture. Information about the artist, how the work was created and in which artistic period, can be passed on by audio or in text. The price for this feature is not included in the package price and would be separately calculated.

When is my account active?
Your account is immediately active and operable after you have ordered a 3D-Gallery. If there is a delay in payment, we reserve the right to deactivate your account.

What happens when the contract period expires?
At the end of the agreed period of the contract, if no cancellation of the contract has been received, the contract will be extended for the same period, although this may not exceed one year.

Will my data be deleted after our contract is terminated?
Customers' data, pictures and videos, as well as their galleries, will be completely deleted from the server after a contract is terminated.

Can I change to an alternative 3D-Gallery-package mid-contract?
You can switch to a more comprehensive 3D-Gallery-package at any time. If you opt to change mid-contract, you will be invoiced for the price difference between the packages.

Will my personal data be published on graphtwerk's website?
You decide if your personal data will be published. When editing your profile status, ticking “public” publishes your details. If you don't make a tick, data like your name, address, URL, etc. remains invisible to visitors to 3D STELLWERK's website.

How can I cancel my account?
A termination of your contract must be submitted in writing or online through your membership account. To terminate the contract online, log on to your membership account and, using the “terminate” link, proceed with the termination. The “terminate” button is only visible in your account during the first 11 months of the contract's duration, i.e. within the cancellation period.

What are the payment options?
You have the option of paying in advance or through Paypal. Your invoices are available to download as PDF files from your membership account.

Can I test a 3D-Gallery before buying?
You can order a free demo-gallery that includes the full scope of the services shown on our website for 7 days. If, at the end of the test period, you do not order a package which carries a charge, the test gallery and all its contents will be deleted within 12 hours. A test gallery can only be ordered once.

Can I operate as retailer/ reseller for photographers and artists?
Yes. Always make sure that licensing rights of third parties are not injured. A liability by "GRAPHTWERK" is excluded.


I have forgotten my password – what can I do?
To generate a new password, in the "MY ACCOUNT" menu, click "REQUEST NEW PASSWORD". You will then receive a new password by email.

How secure are my picture files?
When they are uploaded, your pictures will be saved to a 3D STELLWERK server. This server stands in one of Germany's most advanced data centres and is guarded and maintained around the clock by qualified personnel. In the case of a hacker attack, the server is shut down by the provider. During the upload process, the name of a picture is transferred into a randomly generated series of numbers. The picture is then saved in a directory on the server that can not be accessed by the public. This hinders the direct opening of the file in a browser and the finding of the file by an automatic directory reader. No pictures can be downloaded from the 3D-Gallery. A right-click on a mouse will not offer the option "save picture as...".

Detailed instructions to set up a virtual 3D gallery or 3D exhibition you'll find in the 3D STELLWERK manual.

Download manual as PDF

Do you still have questions?
We'd be happy to answer them . Send an E-Mail or fill in the contact form. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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